Tree Surgeon Petersfield

Tree Surgeons Petersfield

At Tree Surgeon Petersfield, we pride ourselves in our many years of experience offering tree surgery services around Petersfield and its surrounding communities. We have professional local tree surgeons and arborist tree surgeons who service Hampshire and Portsmouth on our team.

We work closely with both commercial and residential clients in and around Petersfield, helping with all aspects of tree service and maintenance. Our services include tree felling, hedge maintenance, stump removal and all aspects of land management and tree work.

When you have a tree in your environment or community, it is important you ensure they remain safe and healthy. Harsh weather conditions can cause the branches to break off, posing a threat to your building and passers-by.

Trees must be cared for professionally. That is why you need tree specialists like us. If you are looking for the best tree services near me, look no further because we offer the best tree services across Petersfield and beyond. We are the best tree surgeon near me and tree services near me.

Our Commercial and Domestic Tree Services – The Best Tree Surgeon Near Me

Some of the services performed by our local tree surgeon and arborist tree surgeons include:

  • Tree surgery
  • Tree felling
  • Tree stump removal and grinding
  • Tree planting
  • Tree Reports and surveys
  • Site clearance
  • Health & safety assessments
  • Hedge maintenance
  • Emergency call-out services for fallen/damaged trees

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Tested and Trusted Tree Cutting and Tree Services

Tree Felling

Whether your tree is unstable or diseased, it may obviously need to come down. Depending on the area or space you have around the tree, it may need to be removed using our sectional dismantling strategy. This is a system by which we remove sections at a time in a safe and well-mannered fashion. This means we can professionally remove the affected tree without causing any damage to your property, surrounding building or passers-by. Our tree felling services also involve removing all debris from the site. We also recycle clogs, woodchips, and mulch, as the case may be.

Stump Grinding and Removal

Here at Tree Surgeons Petersfield, our qualified arborist and tree surgeon are experts in all aspects of tree management, including tree stump grinding and tree stump removal. If you have an unpleasant tree stump on your property or surrounding, we can help you.

Tree stumps can take up large space as well as being unhealthy and hazardous. Whether it’s on a residential or commercial property, our tree stump removal services will get the job done safely and professionally.

Our Tree stump grinding service is done in a more environmentally friendly manner. It is the safest and quickest alternative to complete tree removal. It is a method used to stop the regrowth of unwanted roots.

Do You Need a Professional Arborist and Tree Surgeon in Petersfield?

If you have a tree that is diseased or structurally unstable, our tree surgeon arborist can help you. At Tree surgeon Petersfield, we have a proven track record of felling trees across Petersfield and its surrounding communities. As experienced and qualified tree specialists, we understand that every tree is different in density, structure and height. Therefore, we plan and tailor our tree felling process to the specific tree we are working on, regardless of the species.

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